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Making Your Will

Making a Will is the only way to make sure that after your death your property and possession go to the people you want them to.  If you die without having made a Will, the Law decides how much should go to your relatives and which ones.  If you have any children, then it is essential that you make a Will to provide properly for them in the event of you and your husband or wife dying.

If you are married, separated or divorced then you should make a Will. If you have a Will, but have since married or remarried, it is essential that you make another one as when you marry, the Law states that your Will is revoked and hence worthless, the same as if you had never made a Will.

If you are separated or in the process of divorce proceedings, without a Will everything could go to your spouse.  

If married and you have children from a previous marriage or  relationship, then without a Will your children may not benefit at all.

How We Can Help You Make a Will

1.    You will need to appoint Executors to look after your affairs after your death and make sure that the wishes expressed in your Will are carried out.  If you are married, you would usually appoint your spouse and then provide for someone else to be the Executors in case your spouse dies before you.  You can choose up to four people, although two is usual.  We can advise you about who to appoint.  Anyone can be appointed as an Executor, including a beneficiary.

2.    If you have young children we will advise you about appointing guardians - that is people whom you can appoint to look after minor children and to make arrangements for their maintenance.

3.    We will advise you about the actual wording of the Will to make sure that there can be no misunderstanding.  Usually a number of individual gifts are made (whether sums of money or specific items such as jewellery) and then you deal with the gift of the residue, that is the sum left when all debts, costs and gifts have been deducted.

4.    We can advise you how to save inheritance tax, if this is applicable.  At present an estate over £325,000 is taxable, although some gifts are exempt of tax.  The amount of your estate over £325,000 will be taxed at 40%.  Your estate comprises of everything you own at the date of death.

5.    After you have signed your Will, we will, if you wish, keep the original in our strongroom for safe keeping free of charge and provide you with copies.
For an appointment to discuss making a Will or changing a Will, please telephone us on 01229 820297